A friend for Mimi


Remember Mimi, the orphaned rhino calf who was injured when her mother was poached?

We are delighted to tell you that Mimi is now fully recovered from her injuries, but she needs a female companion, to return home with her, to Sibuya Game Reserve. A companion has been found!

She is three years old and Rhino Rescue UK funded her transportation and dehorning. Below you can see photos of her before and after her horn was trimmed.

She was then transported and has been safely delivered to the rehabilitation centre.

The transportation of a Rhino is EXPENSIVE. 

There are a lot of factors to  consider  when transporting rhinos, the biggest one is that it is astronomically expensive. Like crazy expensive! Vehicles, containers, cranes, vets, sedative, fuel, people. It all adds up to a lot of money! 

Rhino Rescue UK is sponsoring this entire operation, enabling the move of Sibuya’s new rhino and then  getting Mimi and her new friend back to the reserve.  This is only possible through donations we have received from our supporters, so thank you everyone who has donated.

The young rhino did not have a name on arrival, so Sibuya ask followers to choose between two names, Nia and Lulu.

The results were in and the name of Mimi’s new friend is LULU!

Mimi and Lulu are now in side by side enclosures and introductions will begin soon. We are hoping they will bond and form a friendship, so that they can support each other all the way back to Sibuya. They’ll stay here for a couple of months before they both return to Sibuya at the end of March to become members of the breeding herd.

It is a long, hard journey to try to recover from such horrors and we are proud to be supporting good people doing great work.

This is the start of a new chapter and we are just so excited to begin!

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