Black Rhino Collaring


We are thrilled to share a glimpse into the latest efforts to protect and conserve the magnificent Black Rhino population in South Africa! 

Rhino Rescue UK has been working with Saving The Survivors and have helped to fund AI ankle collars which play a crucial role in conservation efforts. Not only do they enable the Rhino’s daily activities to be tracked, but they also provide valuable insights into their behaviours and habitat preferences.

The team, led by Saving the Survivor’s founder and lead veterinarian Dr. Johan Marais, recently embarked on a daring mission to dart and collar two Black Rhinos as part of ongoing conservation efforts.

The video captures the intense process of darting these majestic creatures from a helicopter, showcasing the challenges the team faces in the rugged terrain Black Rhino call home. But with precision and dedication, they successfully fitted the rhinos with state-of-the-art tracking collars, allowing Rangers to monitor their movements and ensure their safety around the clock.

These Rhino were among several introduced to a game reserve in the Limpopo region, as part of a vital breeding program to expand their range and safeguard their future. 

Your donations make all of this possible, and we cannot thank you enough for your unwavering support! 

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