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Orphaned Rhinos become mothers

Newborn white rhino calf with mother

In October 2021, one of the Lucky Five orphans , Masingitta, fulfilled what we believe to be our ethos of true conservation – by breeding in the wild.

From our tiny rescued Miracle (Masingitta) comes Light (Lesedi).

Look as this wonderful video of of the new mother and calf.

On New Years Day 2022, Massingitta returned to her “family” with Lesedi in tow.

The Lucky Five is now the Lucky Five and a Half!

Wonder if it is worth it?

Are we really making a difference?

Look at how far we have come. Arriving at the facility in South Africa as a three month old orphan and now with her own calf – despite all odds, a perfect mother living securely, but in the wild.

Orphaned rhino calf just after arrival at rehabilitation centre
Masingitta on arrival at the rhino orphanage as a terrified 3 month old calf

This is true conservation!

We all held our breath seeing this video footage as some lions approached Massingita and Lesedi!

Don’t worry no lion was injured in the incident!

Fearless Lesedi chases away some curious cats. (Special thank you to Sandy de Beer for the amazing footage.)

Chipoko has also become a mother

Chipoko came into the orphanage in January 2016, when she was just three months old, after tragically losing her mother to poaching. In May 2023, she too, has now welcomed a calf and it seems particularly fitting therefore that this precious baby was born during the full moon, a time when many rhinos sadly fall victim to poaching. Because of this, the baby was named Mwezi, which means “moon” in Swahili and is in recognition of the fact that Mwezi was born during the full moon.

Lucky Five rhino orphan Chinook with her  new baby Mwezi
Chipoko & Mwezi


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