Sterling silver rhino necklace


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Emily Styles is a jewellery maker who works with Sterling silver to create beautiful art that you can wear.  She has been a loyal supporter for several years, creating our jewellery pieces.  Due to their success she created smaller pendants and charms which are perfect for bracelets or for children’s necklaces.

The rhino pendant was based on our very own Ubuntu who was the first calf to come into our care, just three weeks after we opened.  Ubuntu was found alongside his mothers body at sunrise after she was killed by poachers the evening before.  He was approximately 4 months old.  He was rescued and rehabilitated and is now one of the Lucky 5 crash who roam in the wild again.

She hand makes all of the items and donates a percentage of the cost to Rhino Rescue UK to help us help more animals like Ubuntu and Aura that have been affected by poaching in South Africa.

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Chain length

16", 20"

Chain Material

Silver, Leather


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