Remembering Anna


Anna Mussi, Manager of the Rhino Revolution rehabilitation facility in Hoedspruit, South Africa, sadly passed away after a traffic accident on the 21st June 2022.

Anna Mussi, orphanage manager at Rhino Revolution South Africa in 2022

There are no adequate words to describe a lady so full of life and compassion for both animals and people. Full of a determined passion , an unflinching integrity and a personal commitment to protect and conserve not only rhino, but all of the remaining wild habitats that she could reach. There are few in conservation today who would not be fortunate to work by her side as she gave her all to save wildlife in her calm and professional manner. The first on the scene and the last to leave, always leaving you with the memory of the warmth of her beautiful smile. You have indeed made a difference Anna, and you have left an example for us all to aspire to in your absence. 

At 32 she had made more impact than many in a lifetime in conservation. What a huge loss in so many ways to us all. This condolence from a state prosecutor says it so well as we start our first hard day without Anna at our core.

“Since I am not on social media, I want to take this opportunity to send my heartfelt condolences and support to you after the tragic loss of Anna. As a prosecutor of rhino related matters, I am acutely aware of the sacrifices champions like Anna make, and also of the crucial role these rhino soldiers play. When you truly love these huge elegant creatures and join the war to save them, you become part of a very special and magic FAMILY. Our rhino family is now mourning the loss of one of our own. May God comfort all who loved her, and give you the perseverance to honour and keep alive the legacy she left. Rhino love.  – Ansie Venter”

Anna Mussi with a rhino

The mass de-horning in the Kalahari last month of desperately threatened black and white rhinos was Anna Mussi’s last project sensitively filmed for us by Justin Sullivan. It is an example of the collaboration between NGOs from around the world to get the job done.

Rhino Revolution UK is proud to be a co-funder of this important project.

this video is for anna..

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