Rhino Initiative


Sibuya Wilderness Experience introduces hopeful new Rhino Custodians to “The Crash”

Sibuya Wilderness Experience, in partnership with Rhino Rescue UK, is starting to introduce schools and clubs in Kenton-on-Sea and surrounding the areas to “The Crash”, a rhino awareness initiative started by Rhino Rescue UK.

Poster advertising the Crash, a rhino education programme for children

The Crash program seeks to introduce young learners to the issues and struggles rhinos are experiencing and to encourage them to do their part to raise awareness.

Sibuya Wilderness Experience introduced the first group of hopeful new Rhino Custodians to the project through a presentation about rhino conservation.

Rhino Rescue UK supplied the drinks and snacks for the group of 40 learners from Club KTM (Kenton Talent Mentoring).

We are looking forward to taking this project further and inspiring young people to care about their native wildlife.

Please visit The Crash if you wish to learn more about what you, or a school near you, can do to get involved.

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