Saving the Survivors

Established in 2012 by Dr. Johan Marais, Saving the Survivors was created to provide crucial care for Rhinos and other endangered species affected by poaching or traumatic events. While our primary focus was initially Rhino emergency interventions, our efforts quickly evolved and extended to various species, including Lions, Leopards, African Wild Dogs, Sable and Roan antelopes, and Elephants. Beyond immediate treatment, our team spearheads proactive initiatives such as community engagement, breeding programs, human-wildlife conflict resolution, and wildlife relocation. Saving the Survivors collaborates closely with organisations like Rhino Rescue UK, pooling resources and expertise to maximise impact. As a registered charity in South Africa, Namibia, the UK, and the USA, we operate across Africa and Asia, responding wherever endangered wildlife requires assistance. Our commitment remains unwavering: to safeguard the future of these vulnerable species through compassionate care and strategic conservation efforts.


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