The Lucky Five

The first five orphaned calves that were rescued by the Rhino Revolution facility in Hoedspruit, became known as “The Lucky Five”.

They are Ubuntu, Chipoko, Nkonzo, Ringo Masingitta.

We are proud that they are now living an independent, wild life as a result of the care they received.

They were painted by Award Winning International Wildlife Artist Gordon Pembridge.

Painting of the Lucky Five by Gordon Pembridge

True conservation can only really be considered a success when animals are both returned to the wild and back into a wild gene pool. Massingitta has an 18 month old callf at foot, Lesedi, and Chipoko a six month old calf , Mwezi.

White rhino mother & calf

Lucky Five rhino orphan Chipoko with her new baby Mwezi


We have supported and funded the rescue, rehabilitation and release of other rhinos, but also helped other animals such as pangolins.

The pangolin: The most trafficked mammal in the world of which you may have never heard

We will never turn our backs on animals in need and have done a lot to support the rescue of pangolins.

ITV News on 10th October, 2018 featured a segment on the trafficking of pangolin and efforts to provide them rehabilitation facilities and ultimately, release back into the wild.

The piece focused on Rhino Revolution and includes an interview with vet nurse Jade Aldridge describing what is involved in caring for these animals, from feeding to nightly walks. 

You can view it here



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